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NGS is based in Perth, Western Australia but has a global reach. With e-paper products in many European and Asian countries, NGS has the experience and manufacturing capabilities to meet your most demanding requirements.

NGS’s CEO has international experience in providing high reliability, on time and on budget display systems and lighting solutions. NGS has it’s CTO based in the Phillipines where he is constantly monitoring both the quality as well as the latest production techniques to ensure a world-class product.

NGS also supplies energy-efficient, high reliability LED modules and fittings to suit various business and industry needs. NGS can also advise, design and manufacture custom modules.

NGS has access to an award-winning communications company that can provide you with control solutions for your signage anywhere on the face of the planet. If your signage is in the middle of a disaster zone, in remotest Australia or on an unmanned oil platform, this company can get a signal to and from your NGS sign.